Tea Brewing Facts

#1 Reason to Drink More Tea: Your Health!
#1 Reason to Love Good Tea: The Taste!

If you’ve never tried our fine quality loose teas, please don’t say it’s because you don’t like tea. Most people who claim they “don’t like tea”, base their comments on having tried common “bagged tea dust” sold in grocery stores. We don’t consider that “Real Tea” nor would we want to drink it. There is good reason that tea is the number 2 beverage in the world (second only to water). Taste!

Yes, tea is very good for you but most people drink tea because it tastes good. The health benefits of it’s antioxidants for your heart, bones, and teeth are just a great bonus!

Did you know?

All tea comes from the Camelia Sinensis plant, a warm weather evergreen. The Fresh tealeaves are processed and their level of contact with oxygen determines whether the resulting type is Black, Green, or Oolong.

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