About Us

Dan Beihoff, owner and founder

People always ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I never really had a solid answer to that question until now. Since my college career my answer had changed many times with many different businesses. Trying my hand at different ventures cultivated a love for business, and an accumulation of knowledge all leading up to one point, one definitive answer: Eagle River Roasters.

My journey began with a now historic family music company, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, following in my grandfather’s and father’s footsteps. Then, in 1993, I moved north and gained the title “self-employed business owner.” This was a small specialty food and gift company in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

By mid-summer, 2003, I was busy with manufacturing and selling but felt a personal disconnect from my products and my customers. I dreamed of an artisan business with a close connection between what was created and the people involved, from the producer to the consumer.

A fortuitous visit to friends in Montana led to my epiphany of creating what I really enjoy, specialty coffee. I decided to build my work around sharing what I enjoy with others. Since then, I have been blessed by many people in the coffee community who generously shared their wisdom and experience in growing my coffee education.

With the arrival of my Probat L12 drum roaster from Germany, in the spring of 2004, I knew I had found an answer. I love what I do. I am an artisan coffee roaster.


History of Eagle River Roasters, Specialty Coffee & Tea Company

Our experience with specialty tea began in 1999, when we worked with a tea importer to create a line of whole leaf teas and tisanes for our original retail store, the Cranberry Gift House. When our unique Cranberry & Spice tea blend sold out upon its introduction at the annual Eagle River Cranberry Fest, we knew our customers loved fine tea as much as we did.

Attendance at the Tea Society conference in Denver in 2002, was when we first joined Tea USA, as well as learned from some great “tea masters,” such as John Harney, Sr., James Norwood Pratt, Bruce Richardson, and Elizabeth Knight. We are grateful for their pioneering efforts in helping to build the knowledge base and appreciation for fine tea.

Our adventure into the world of specialty coffee began with Dan’s dream to produce an artisan product that he could share in the experience of with his customers. While Susan was sampling fine teas, Dan was pursuing his vision and building his education in coffee. He was tasting and talking coffee with specialty coffee importers and roasters. He was blessed by many wonderful people in the specialty coffee trade who were generous and kind in sharing their expertise and knowledge in teaching him what it took to be a good coffee roaster.

Dan owes a special acknowledgement in gratitude to Peter Kettler formerly of Holland Coffee Midwest and now Coffee Kids, grounds for hope. Jim & Devra Kosalas, and the late, Alex Fisenko of Alex and Associates. These people encouraged Dan, more than they probably realize, by their gracious willingness to welcome and teach a newcomer with no coffee experience other than his dream to produce a product he loved and wanted to share. Their willingness to try his roasts and blends, and then offer their suggestions for improvement, helped Dan to grow and improve as a coffee roaster.

Our Mission:

Is to embody the spirit of excellence in our craft with a heart for the people and regions of the world that produce the finest coffees and teas.

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